Friday, 7 July 2017


Aah! before Tea

The tea I make is making me
Putting gusto in my health
Madness not to take a cup
A sunshine taste of wealth

In a tearoom not too far away
Where many congregate
China cups and cozied teapots
Friendly teacakes on a plate

Composed in teatime harmony
As kettles let off steam 
Signs of peaceful teapots
In a cupful tea-eyed gleam

A cuppa changes many things
It allows all sides to be
Can make a subtle difference
Together sipping tea

Of the finer teas I take 
Are teas that I prefer to make
Whether tired or wide awake
A cup of tea a pleasant break

Homely scent in every room
Cooling carrot cake appealing
You can hear that whistle blowing
Pour the tea I'm reeling

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