Sunday, 28 May 2017

A Taint Complaint

Help me Doc I’m feeling croc
My body sent me back to bed
Something sick has played a trick
I feel beyond inside my head

My limbs are slack and nagging
My eyes not playing ball
My speech has lost the will to bite
My ears are bouncing off the wall

I feel I’m in a motion picture
Where the hero has been framed
A meltdown world of down and out
Where pandemics are proclaimed

Responsibility bearing heavily
I need containment for this cough
Help me stand up for my workmates
Perhaps tomorrow sign me off

Saturday, 27 May 2017

What A Day

One can’t deny how Saturday sky
Seems so blue with breakfast tea
Day-off dandies wide awake
Dive in deep the weekend lee

Licking lips at bacon butties
Then things to do at my own speed
I slurp my cuppa’s final dregs
What more does this day need

Neighbours out there soaping cars
Already lawns are early mown
Such a rhythmic rhyme of workouts
Sunshine Saturday full blown

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Armpit Theatre

Dave enjoys the stadium wave
His line dance with the crowd
Up and down from chair to sky
Among the audience he’s proud

Uplifting hands in unison
A heaving rippling folk tsunami
Good tidings in the undertow
Across divides between each army

It’s only fair to be aware
When reaching up and stretching
How unkind lack of hygiene can
Leave pals and neighbours retching

Arena amity brings proximity
Dave unaware his pong emits
Those long held noses gagging
At Dave’s piercing pungent pits

Based on Lynn Gerrard at The Grumbling Gargoyle Dear Person...*Blog Post*

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Chocolate Love In

Disrobing wrappers
My wishes laid bare
Adoring the vision
A sultry affair

Flirty aroma
Inviting I enter
Fondly with fondant
I probe a soft centre

No chocolate denial
Sensual surmounting
Tasty and fruity
Pleasure amounting

With desire on fire
Appealing temptations
For the love of a truffle
Good chocolate vibrations

Monday, 22 May 2017

Monday, Monday

Monday morning effort time
Don’t give in to ‘beg your pardons’
Drop wistful thoughts of weekend wiles
Amusing parties in your gardens

Wipe the smile of easy come and go
Get up - get out and get that train
For two days now you’ve had it all your way
Now five more days of stress and strain

Yesterday you had it on a plate
Breakfast lunch and wine with dinner
Now Monday’s here notch up two gears
To show the boss you’re still a winner

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Nothing Like It

Nothing rudely rapped today
Disturbed my silent reverie
Nothing like annoying guests
Who come with empty bags for tea

When Nothing calls it brings a peace
Unpicking threads that set you free
A day long full of interludes
So nice when Nothing bothers me

Nothing cramping my agenda
Free of Nothing in my way
Doing nothing worth a mention
Which leaves me Nothing more to say

This is one of my most pleasing rhymes when I almost write great nonsense.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

What Is A Real Ruby?

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

When the candle flickers
Casting shadows around you
This is your time to plan
Don’t give in to losses or wins
Time to rethink ‘new ways’ you can
Remember that losses are lessons
Best lessons are sometimes hard won
Ruby the star they haven’t seen yet
A bright shining light has begun
There is no need for tears to be rivers
Those rivers have tears of their own
It’s the ‘never stop trying’ real winners
Sitting proudest of jewels on the throne

One of our Granddaughters is very disappointed right now. She is a very determined young lady with a lot to offer. For now her many gifts remain wrapped in unopened presents.

Friday, 19 May 2017


 How peculiar I said to him

That you should be here too

I never came here on a whim

He said, I came to meet with you

Well what a strange coincidence

For my route to here is new

My being here is chance indeed

He nodded yes I followed you

So what is it you need from me

That determined your pursuit

I heard how you had died last week

Now here I see rumours to refute

What happened then has been and gone

I said to reassure the situation

It seems you haven’t grasped the fact

That we are both an imitation

My Oh My - My DIY

Waiting silent in a tidy box
To be executed as required
A well placed set of implements
When jobs to do conspired

Special helpers long selected
For proven aptitude and strength
Some laid in tight compartments
Others far to long in length

Gripping things and uptight springs
Trimming blades and coping saws
Screws and nails and super glue
For undertaking headstrong flaws

My able friends when most in need
Ignore expletive oaths profane
They understand remain on hand
Until I need them once again

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Middle for Diddle

Not a day for lingering
Upon a pinpoint peak
Halfway centred sighting
Steering slowly by the week
I’m in a state of almost-ness
Between two teas dismay
Hanging on for noontime
On this midweek midday
Two days gone two more to go
Resigned to sorrow wallow
Wednesday woe is oh so slow
Even Big Ben’s chime is hollow

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


In facts that matter
The truth is out
Leaving a shred
To pout and spout
Railroad loud
They ridicule
In the bullshit world
Of a barren mule
The government men
Get dark and seedier
By trashing the truth
In the Newsreal media
Time to wake up
And stop liking those pages
They're feeding you duds
As though written by sages
The truth of the matter
Is no longer regarded
A puppeteer’s dream
Pulling lifelines discarded

If Real news matters to you?
First Draft News is fighting misinformation

Sunday, 14 May 2017


Writing lines in poetry
Aims to be contemporary
Using trains exemplary
And all things evolutionary
To test your mind exclusively
When reading stuff persuasively
Finding answers comprehensively
Yet leaves you inconclusively
Sick and tired of superficially
Being a lonely beneficiary
Accepting that conditionally


He had to rhyme he thought about it
He had a host of words around it
He knew somehow he had unwound it
He was sure at first he had found it
He sought evidence to surround it
He felt a rewrite might have crowned it
He watched a flood of words that drowned it
He hesitated to expound it
He felt shameful to propound it
He thought they would confound it
He even offered to redound it
He feared society would impound it
He knew to date no one had found it
He dreaded publishers would rebound it

Saturday, 13 May 2017


My state of me in multiples
Has me placed in many places
Simultaneously I’m all about
With frowns and smiles on faces

My hissing lively cytoskeletons
Somehow suggest so much of me
Ringing being-bells in all my cells
To let me think things consciously

I voice my choice I know not why
As speed of thinking is so vast
At the moment when I understand
How things were are now surpassed

A parody based on a most inriguing article:

Friday, 12 May 2017

Early Morning Saturday

Sometimes I feel it’s right to be
Quietly alone with me
Friends and folks are great to see
But there are times for noisy free

My early morning Saturday plea
Is nothing doing apart from tea
A couple of hours on Saturday
Well primed for active quality

No media yet I guarantee
The phone is off successfully
Not even trying to wait and see
Saturday morning easy free

Dream State

Dreaming chambers beckon
Where shadow worlds invite
To sprinkle light in prisms
Untie visions tangled tight

Silently we move around
Motions falling here now there
Stirring scenes though separated
Tell casual tales that hang midair

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Keep Your Head

Eyelid rockets counting down
Taking off to inner space
Faster than the speed of light
More than impossible to trace
Shutting down the outside in
To get beyond the fleshly bond
Swimming water coloured rivers
Beneath a subterranean pond
Finding floods of possibilities
Discover shapes of things unknown
On landing stations out of sight
Where undiscovered seeds are sown

Monday, 8 May 2017

When I Ate My Words

Achievement is my predicate
All affirmations I will dedicate
Devote my honesty to indicate
Show how changes can eradicate
Remove all things that complicate
Scrambled meanings I equivocate
When suspiciously I contemplate
Thinking how on earth to extricate
Disconnect though not prevaricate
Be less evasive when I implicate
To not incriminate or inculcate
Instructing writers not to desiccate
On shrivelled pages words will dehydrate
Dry out and rehabilitate 

Friday, 5 May 2017

Pacific Freeway

I’m doing Zen but then again
Although it’s something that I like
I must immerse more scenery
But first obtain a motorbike
I have my eye on super steeds
Artistic works on wheels
Hearthrob pulsing peace machines
At one with life one feels
Highway hungry for the open road
Sheer enjoyment in the seat
Roaring soaring in the early light
Where happy motorcycles greet