Sunday, 27 November 2016

Hull Out Loud

Jameson Street

When defining our significance
Declaring proudly here we dwell
Vital to our sense of heritage
This home fire cauldron citadel

Where rivers flow unceasing
A rovers rest and restoration
To build up steam to future dream
Glowing beacon of location

A sunshine arc of east to west
Lines a route of lightning thirst
Where Tigers roaring stridently
Announce 'Old Faithfull' full on burst

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Road Weary

The weather has been rough of late
Muddy gushes cloud my style
Degraded showroom bodywork
Puts my highway blues on trial

My auto body dull with grime
In urgent need of scrubbing
A forceful spout will sort it out
Along with buffing and some rubbing

In need of car wash freshen up
With amazing jets and suds
Squeegee dry and sparkle bright
No streaks no trace of cruds

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Yet To Come

Lets move on
Put the past behind
Face a new future
Better things to find
If we are to move on
Lock pastimes in a vault
We surely must remember
How all must share the fault
And when at last we move on
Integrated holding hands
As intolerance and prejudice
Glides away in drifting sands

Friday, 4 November 2016

The Cortege

The cortege was a motley group
They came from all about
To stand beside and hold the line
In full accord without a doubt

The cortege felt the need to be
And be among those close together
Joined in thoughtful recollection
Smiling times and talking blether

The cortege stood and raised a glass
Side by side in contemplation
To the strains of once shared melodies
One last salute in veneration

The cortege all and sundry knew
That every chapter has a name
A range of strange encounters
Each one a memory all the same

© C K Letts