Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A Mixed Up Remix

There's a process in my recess
A barricade to my success
Motion notions causing excess
Loss of memory forces regress

Forgive my thought intrusion
As you work hard off your feet
You'll find progression quicker
If you think loud on the street

So many stars to wish upon
Far too hard to spot a fake
Letting go of hopes and dreams
Leaving moonlight in my wake

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Her Place

She tends her garden matchless style
As though a polished priceless gem
A proud display of parent joy
Each blade of grass each flower stem

Lighthearted blush of fragrance
Her naked dancing feet caressed
Arcs of living brush strokes
Ever captured and possessed

Knolls of water-coloured stories
Chanting natures fervent hopes
To flourish sweet in lavishness
Steering eyes on gentle slopes

Poem only © Clifford Letts

Saturday, 3 September 2016


Breaking ice in hostile waters
Adrift in cautious thrust
Shadowing celestial signs
Where from exactitude is trust

For the betterment of futures
A sacrifice for knowledge gained
Triumph trades fiasco’s end
In disarray forever chained

Making headway changing places
Supremely statuesque 
Sustaining law and mainstay order
Motions tabled on that desk

ADJECTIVE - Admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering:

A remarkable story of brave steadfast adventure into the unknown. With others HMS Resolute set out in April 1852 to search for the missing British explorer Sir John Franklin who had left Britain in 1845 in search of the fabled  Northwest Passage through the Canadian Arctic.wikipedia Link - Northwest_Passage
HMS Resolute was a mid-19th-century barque-rigged ship of the British Royal Navy, specially outfitted for Arctic exploration. Resolute became trapped in the ice and was abandoned. Recovered by an American whaler, she was returned to Queen Victoria in 1856. Timbers from the ship were later used to construct a desk which was then presented to the President of the United States.- LINK - wikipedia HMS Resolute (1850)

Friday, 2 September 2016

Reality Banality

Living catatonically
Staring at a plastic screen
Concerned that one is missing out
On someone else's partial scene 

Indifferent to ones pond like pool
A most essential life surround
Much preferring somewhere else
Eavesdropping snippets all around

Conversations in the physical
Much too personal far too real
Whereas comfort in the almost air
Seems more velvety I feel