Monday, 31 July 2017


Do you copy?

Thank you for your eyes today
These words I wrote for you
Unsure if you would find them
Or take the time to read them through
I don’t know if you write yourself
As here I have in rhyming phrases
Put myself in spotlight paragraphs
A flickered firelight that grazes
Am I a simulated message book
A mock-up model state of play
Maybe a handprint in a data cave
Some ‘artefaction’ in your way
So I made a word and placed it here
As evidence that proved my place
Writing rhymes on imitation walls
Stored on clouds of inner space
By the time you get to read these lines
They may seem something superficial
To strongholds filled with information
Rejecting all things artificial

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Virtual Worlds Apart

Real or not I cannot tell
A hall of holograms implied
Well-formed apparitions
Where the outside is denied
Cliques in corners plotting
Murmur softly to each other
Folk that once I knew so well
Recalling one thing or another
The game I’m in is playing out
My win or lose state imprecise
As I emerge unsure of place
Into this other lived in slice
The consul light is flickering
My heavy headset now removed
Humdrum heartbeats now resuming
Demanding other world disproved

Raven Nouse

Stone me you guys, chill awhile

Sitting on a chimney stack
A flying smoky roof up high
Taking in the down below
No thoughts of how or why

But here I am and pleased to be
A ridge-tile  dweller up on top
Serenely in the scenery
Too comfortable to drop

I take the view as I renew
The placing of my toes
That position is a vital thing
When looking down on those

Friday, 28 July 2017

File That Smile

LINK to article and picture source

This image shows from left to right the reward smile,
affiliative smile and dominance smile. image is credited to Paula Niedenthal.

Smiles are more than happy hints
They are a mouthful sent in code
Smiles we make if real or fake
Persuade encourage or corrode

Smiles need serious reading
Beguiling those who may be bought
Pander to our deepest needs
Can leave us high and dry and caught

Smiles may sneer or cunning leer
Warm our mood dispel despairs
Invite us into warm embrace
Provocateur of devilish snares

Smiles portrayed a feature overplayed
Oscar winning actor’s ruse
A friendly grin admitting sin
Forewarning signals win or loose

Smiles can make it pleasing sweet
Smooth away your indecision
Drive you into loving arms
Bring on a heart to heart condition

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Missing Presumed Lost

If the weather brings on cloudy
And the skies scream black and blue
When birds have taken to the trees
I’ll write my letters home to you

When the storm winds rap my window
I’ll put some driftwood on my fire
Watching movies in those ember screens
Devouring thorn tips on the brier

I'll keep writing ‘til the fading light
Has drained the colours from the day
Then sleep the downpour into dreams
Until the sun brings more to say

A Song For Chris Farlowe

I’ll write you one more love song baby
‘Cos I’m leaving early in the morning
Taking memories on the empty train
I gave you many an early warning

We were always one too many tears
Holding hot hands far too tight
Friends forever in a love embrace
Loving armfuls in the night

Farewell to you my sweetheart lady
I wont let your teardrops bring me back
To fold slowly in your loving arms
I sail that ship of heart attack

We were always one too many tears
Holding hot hands far too tight
Friends forever in a love embrace
Loving armfuls in the night

We had it all I know we really did
We where the glow in wishful eyes
The soul of something going on
Anchored deep in tearful ties.

We were always one too many tears
Holding hot hands far too tight
Friends forever in a love embrace
Loving armfuls in the night

© “Song For Chris Farlowe” by Clifford  Letts 27th July 2017

Dear Chris, Sending our love to a truly great voice
After listening to that great album of soul - 'Out Of Time' - on Spotify

Jolly Melancholy

You can do it I can too
Thinking positive a breeze
Regardless of the evidence
We can all do as we please
Find yourself a black spot
Where light has disappeared
Half night half day decide away
A positive journey steered
Be directed by gut feeling
Walking planks to other sides
Out there bobbing joyfully
In a half glass full of tides
Be a leader of commitment
Tell your troops about the cause
How giving up their right to life
Is helping others win those wars
Happy is a thrilling choice
You may choose to smile or not
Sip slowly from the glass half full
In the end that’s all you’ve got
Being down and out deflated
In tearful symphonies of sad
Just turn that record over
If you can’t smile then that’s too bad
Be always up for everything
Don’t put up with nonetheless
Accept the landfill site your living in
As someone else’s state of mess

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Event

Everyone said what a terrible year
They could remember where they were
What they did in a final bid
From thereon in they would refer
Like slicing silence with a razor blade
There was a slithering hint of sound
As though beyond belief to great effect
There could be nothing more profound
People gazed amazed and looked about
Among the multitude they pleaded
All in vain they shared a sense of pain
What had happened wasn’t needed
Sometimes it is the way of things
Where many stand in lonely crowds
Helpless in their hopelessness
Enclosed in shrouds of woeful clouds

Monday, 24 July 2017

News From the Muse

Everyone who ever listened to
The many questions in their head
Who sat alone surrounded by
The living memories of the dead

How was it that a fleeting moment
Could give rise to great ideas
Tripping up on stumbled notions
From tense reluctant volunteers

Wandering voyages of nomads
Bringing bearings based on change
Where moving on prevailed upon
All pastures new to rearrange

Things unknown may not be there
Hidden secrets are not shy
It’s not a case of what or where
But forever wondering why

Based on my 'Mini Muse' Secrets

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Spinning Wheels

Over my shoulder goes

Twisting turning
Looping hoops
Gyro scoping
Flips and scoops
Upside downside
Dizzy heights
Forward rearward
Eyesight frights
Losing bearings
Swayed away
Apex aspects

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Fancy That

Words we speak and words we seek
Ways to live within reality
Catching ears and eyes who strive
To breakout from banality

Finding ways to capture strays
Who escaped contamination
Though never sure of what is pure
When waking from imagination

All in all when in a room or hall
You sense a sign of your identity
Philosophising fantasising
If you exist beyond your entity

Always And Then......

Always doing lots to do
Busy living life around
Loving being ordinary
Enjoying common ground

Always pleased to meet you
Understanding and sincere
Open handed and big hearted
Could read you crystal clear

Always kept a smile to spare
Strength of spirit never short
Depended on for turning up
Relied upon for strong support

Always with a brave face on
No one knew about her guest
Who quietly stole her from us
Leaving letters unaddressed

In loving memory of my dear Mother who succumbed to ovarian cancer. We nor she had any idea of her condition until three weeks before she died.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Interview with Me (No Cameras Please)

 Q.         Have you always written rhyme
Me.      Not always, they can make a report look odd
Q.         Some of your rhymes are puzzling
Me.      True, I often write when I’m puzzled
Q.         Are they easy to solve
Me.      Oh yes but you need to read them first
Q.         You have written so many
Me.      There are many more written by others
Q.         Do you have a favourite rhyme
Me.      Most of Lewis Carroll’s are my favourite rhymes
Q.         Who is your favourite poet
Me.      All the poets I have read so far
Q.         Who would you say is a bad poet
Me.      Depends what you mean by bad
Q.         What is your main reason for writing rhyme

Me.      You’ll have to ask my forceful subconscious that question