Saturday, 22 July 2017

Always And Then......

Always doing lots to do
Busy living life around
Loving being ordinary
Enjoying common ground

Always pleased to meet you
Understanding and sincere
Open handed and big hearted
Could read you crystal clear

Always kept a smile to spare
Strength of spirit never short
Depended on for turning up
Relied upon for strong support

Always with a brave face on
No one knew about her guest
Who quietly stole her from us
Leaving letters unaddressed

Friday, 21 July 2017

Interview with Me (No Cameras Please)

 Q.         Have you always written rhyme
Me.      Not always, they can make a report look odd
Q.         Some of your rhymes are puzzling
Me.      True, I often write when I’m puzzled
Q.         Are they easy to solve
Me.      Oh yes but you need to read them first
Q.         You have written so many
Me.      There are many more written by others
Q.         Do you have a favourite rhyme
Me.      Most of Lewis Carroll’s are my favourite rhymes
Q.         Who is your favourite poet
Me.      All the poets I have read so far
Q.         Who would you say is a bad poet
Me.      Depends what you mean by bad
Q.         What is your main reason for writing rhyme

Me.      You’ll have to ask my forceful subconscious that question

Thursday, 20 July 2017

No Reservations

Welcome to the planet Munch
Where everything is feeding
Not a single thing escapes a mouth
Even eaten while your feeding
You do your best to live at length
Amid the active chomping bit
Consuming  every hour of life
As chewing eggs of dregs befit
You may have a special liking for
The ‘In’s and Out’s’ that happen by
So eat enjoy each gnashing part
Your turn we wait on you to try
No point in being fussy here
Conscience pricked when eating lunch
For the rumble sound of all around
Are feasting hordes on planet Munch

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

This Way

Lamp-post standing near my house
Shedding light on local living
Designed for passing quietly by
Without thought or dark misgiving

It lights the way for all directions
A  temporary thoroughfare
Casting shadows on the sidewalk
Distorting shapes within the glare

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Nearly Home

Commuters on the city train
Too close and ill at ease
Strain on aching weary joints
Not least the feet and knees

Settled sitting in your seat
You beat the rush hour wave
Shutting eyes and feigning sleep
Not let your conscience misbehave

A bellied body prods your head
You open eyes pretend surprise
Expectant gaze from gravid girl
Exerting pressure on your prize

My dear you plead with gravitas
From your seat you smartly hop
Allow me let you have my seat
She loudly say’s I’m off next stop

Corner Kid

It's all right Ma
I'm only pleading

Corner Kid they called him
With his ever begging bowl
A ship to sail those coins into
A port for passer’s by with soul

Somehow grounded in position
He felt a wish for great success
Applauded those who shared with him
A small bequest from their excess

Some days he was invisible
As though his corner had transcended
Escorted by his hunger pangs
That never left him unattended

Homespun tunes to please the locals
His corner turned with atmosphere
Shoppers smiled his air beguiled
That Corner Kid the bandolier

Three other Kids came by one day
In need of one more for their band
All agreed the Corner Kid indeed
Could value-add and give a hand

They took him home he took a bath
Made a bed on a woollen blanket
He shared his begging bowl of coin
Four guys shared a Beggar’s Banquet

Times are hard with cold alone
Left to walk the the empty road
How rich we are to be with friends
Who carry bags to ease our load

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Fancy Words

When talking to be understood
Writing words to be explained
Bare essential simple meanings
Nothing else in there contained

Mellifluous  is soundly smooth
Superfluous unneeded
Cantankerous may get your goat
And leave nefarious unheeded

A candid prose with clarity
Described as short and to the point
Where nothing said leaves any doubt
How massaged words may well anoint

Limerence a smothering love
Iridescently intense
Such luminescence overpowering
To hail your eloquence immense

Can it be that words are fancy
To make impressions cream and fluffy
Like the icing on the sweetest cake
Or merely pompous and quite stuffy

Popularity is a favoured word
Sometimes ephemeral or expensive
Maybe the cost of fancy words
Make convoluted seem extensive

The Phrase

Ideas lurk inside your head
A clutch of eggs for hatching
Annoying but you don’t know why
Until you spot the obvious matching

Lining up in shouting order
A silent crowd if left unheeded
If you didn’t get to write it down
It was the perfect answer needed

Some of you is sleeping soundly
Securely tucked in tight
Whilst most of you are on the case
Sorting sentences to write

In that mass of thinking massiveness
Forming forms for contemplation
Your treasure chest of great discovery
Has found your clue to expectation

Friday, 14 July 2017

The Friend (A Love Poem)

I’ll sing you a love song darling
To dry up the tears when you cry
We’ll shelter the weather together
I’ll tell you a joke when you sigh

I never may have al the answers
But I always will answer your call
I’ll cheer when you are celebrating
Pick you up if you crumble and fall

I’ll sing you a love song darling
As we watch wispy clouds floating by
A shoulder to rest, be your second best
Wish you well when you’re ready to fly

Way Out to Friday

I’m feeling weekday finalised
Friday feelings on my mind
Loose ends tightened tidily
I feel that close of play unwind

It’s been so weakly weak this week
It’s taken five days to get through
Too many days to Friday night
That evening easy point of view

This weekday way to weekend play
Slacking off the push hard bind
To bask the light of Friday night
Leave all that getting here behind

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Bits And Bots

I See You Baby

Hail the latest gadget craze
Another new surveillance trend
Checking up on steps you take
Your covert busybody friend

A wake up  modern native call
Crowded clouds of all your data
Where you go and who’s with you
No need to tell us later

There are pinpoints on your places
We’re your personal private eyes
Following every mobile move
Discretely sneaking peeking spies

Freedom trails are narrowing fast
Corralled in chain-gang cyber clamps
Those freely given cookies hacked
To give your liberation cramps

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Ceramic stoneware by Ann Clarkson
East Riding of Yorkshire 

Canopy ramblers keep nearby
In and out of the shadowy wood
Stealing away on twig covered leaves
Unseen in a bracken stitched hood

Immersed in the senses of forestry
Granting knowledge to wide open eyes
Alone in the beauty of natural life
Wearing wisdom’s seductive disguise

Seeing shapes and sounds of greenwood
In profusion so finely displayed
Feeling the glimpse of a tree eye to eye
Where ancients inhabit the glade

Friday, 7 July 2017


Aah! before Tea

The tea I make is making me
Putting gusto in my health
Madness not to take a cup
A sunshine taste of wealth

In a tearoom not too far away
Where many congregate
China cups and cozied teapots
Friendly teacakes on a plate

Composed in teatime harmony
As kettles let off steam 
Signs of peaceful teapots
In a cupful tea-eyed gleam

A cuppa changes many things
It allows all sides to be
Can make a subtle difference
Together sipping tea

Of the finer teas I take 
Are teas that I prefer to make
Whether tired or wide awake
A cup of tea a pleasant break

Homely scent in every room
Cooling carrot cake appealing
You can hear that whistle blowing
Pour the tea I'm reeling

If Only

Picture: Traces of Nuts by Tim Whyatt

If only life was like a car
With gearbox clutch and brakes
Racing through at speed with style
Enjoying all the gives and takes
If only we could park our lives
In a favourite destination
Applying brake’s at thirty five
Without recrimination
If only we could say that’s it
No more date reminders please
Allow the days and years to walk on by
Laughing drinking shoot the breeze

(A Birthday rhyme written specially for my great neighbour)

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Here Today

Wending ways and roundabouts
Winding roads and slopes
Mountain paths and hillsides
Undertakings filled with hopes

Sprawling frontier invitations
Driving hard the walks of life
Captivating fascinating
Overwhelming fear and strife

Treading water in a rapid flow
Determined dogged resolute
To get on side of far and wide
Your only friend a leather boot

The final push a minor slant
Wailing muscles tired feet
This journey’s end reminding you
How the getting there was sweet

Let The Jelly Roll

Can you see your thought?

Holding thought
is slippery
Like grabbing jelly
from a bowl
Then making sense
of what you have
Needs containment
on a scroll
Spread the jelly 
into careful shapes
Watch the patterns 
talking back
Let them dry
before you grab anew
Jelly code is hard to crack
The solution hides
A pleasure found
Where the obvious
Stares at you
Let go of complicated
Then at last you have a clue

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Way Out

Your picture in my mind's eye
I see you reaching out and calling
Waiting weighing heavily
In my sleep I'm falling falling

Fevered twitching night bewitching
Drenched in fire perspiring
Confused in panic frenzies
Midnight patterns dark conspiring

Your voice is faint I'm listening
Is there news I need to know
The air is filled with energy
A thunder storm about to blow

Locked inside my cryptic maze
A misplaced memory is the key
Something cut my tracer cord
No other way out I can see

A Living From The Dead

Is anybody in there?

Her entry door a glass bead curtain
A gateway offering certain fate
Will read your palm held almanac
To make predictions on your state

Foreseeing prompts that follow on
Agreement somewhere in between
Spirit tests of signal strength
A wishful would-be trampoline

Take special care on winter evenings
Not everyone is on your side
These energies are overcome
When cosmic forces coincide

All in all the dicey runes and bones
Tarot cards and crystal lights
Voodoo doll pincushion stabs
Cannot give you life’s insights

Beware of faith in cock and bull
Placing trust in passing on
Ghosts you chase have no wise place
On any future thereupon

As your birth was most unlikely
Enormous odds against suppressing
That being here was preordained
Is nothing more than childish guessing