Friday, 28 July 2017

File That Smile

LINK to article and picture source

This image shows from left to right the reward smile,
affiliative smile and dominance smile. image is credited to Paula Niedenthal.

Smiles are more than happy hints
They are a mouthful sent in code
Smiles we make if real or fake
Persuade encourage or corrode

Smiles need serious reading
Beguiling those who may be bought
Pander to our deepest needs
Can leave us high and dry and caught

Smiles may sneer or cunning leer
Warm our mood dispel despairs
Invite us into warm embrace
Provocateur of devilish snares

Smiles portrayed a feature overplayed
Oscar winning actor’s ruse
A friendly grin admitting sin
Forewarning signals win or loose

Smiles can make it pleasing sweet
Smooth away your indecision
Drive you into loving arms
Bring on a heart to heart condition

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