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Cliff Letts

Known in a previous blog existence as 'Ropey Rhyme' Link to Ropey Rhyme I now introduce my latest Blog of work under the guise of 'Arhythmytic'. To me the name 'Arhythmytic' illustrates my rhyme obsession, somewhat similar to uncontrollable spasms. Rhymes just keep burbling about in my head and sometimes I feel plagued by them. Then a line will appear and I can't get rid of it so I write it down. The rest of the rhyme follows quickly. A good example is Midnight Frost --> Link to arhythmytic the line "Sparkle dancing on a crystal shard" was one of those insistent moments and on posting it to Twitter it has attracted significant Twitter Activity in a short time.

I am certain that anybody can write a good poem if they really want to and I would encourage all to have a go. Most creative people are full of self doubt and this may stem from fear of ridicule. Writing a Blog has helped me overcome these obstacles. The key is not to set out to write for approval from others. I care less whether or not I may ever be considered a true poet (whatever that is). Mind you I do admire the great poets and seek them out for a good read.

As a Blog 'Arythmytic' will not follow on from the thousand or so oddments found at Ropey Rhyme Link to Ropey Rhyme. I am told that some of the stuff on the Ropey Rhyme pages are good so I will continue tweeting them from time to time.

Practice makes perfect, a phrase I fully agree with so at this point I'm still practicing. Grateful for those who have visited, tweeted and retweeted any of my rhymes. Page views are in excess of 150k in just over four years

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