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Firstly, “A Rhythm My Tic” is not only the name of this blog but it is also a description of my strangely driven condition. Having written over a thousand rhymes on a previous blog called Ropey Rhyme together with over a hundred rhymes here it suddenly dawned on me that I might have some sort of rhyme fixation like a brain spasm or Tic perhaps? If it is so, I felt there might be a Psycho/medical name for it.  On trawling the internet I found the informative site Uncyclopedia": LINK who sensitively describe it as  O C R D Obsessive Compulsive Rhyme Disorder. 

Whilst proclaiming OCRD I might at least get forgiveness and understanding for my dilemma however, I feel more sympathy might be forthcoming by naming my condition as Rhymeatism.

Let me make it clear that I have no idea how this affliction took hold of me you could say it started with a hiss when I wrote that rhyme The Night Of The Meagle . Whilst some of my posts may give an impression of poetic aspiration I do not consider myself a poet. Nevertheless, these rhymes do not write themselves every rhyming couplet is contrived although not always meaningful. For instance:

Peaceful in a cubbyhole 
Imagining a peephole
To see inside a black hole
Discovering a porthole
A way out through a keyhole
Take care around the loophole
Shunning comfort in a bolthole
Or endure in every borehole

Funny thing about rhyming is the way the english language seems perfectly designed for rhyme. A good example is in my post The Heinous Rhyme   This cautionary tale warns as follows

Genocide of shady passages
Misconceptions risky phrases
Paragraphs offending senses
Causing wicked vacant gazes

I do hope you enjoyed your visit and please feel free to return whenever the fancy takes you. Who knows you may catch rhymeattic fever that is if you haven't already.

©Rhymeatism Rhymeattic Fever words created by Clifford Kenneth Letts 9th May 2017 whilst writing about his obsession with rhyme

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