Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sunday Can Be Like That

Sunday morning wish list
Lay in ‘til half past nine
Drink three coffees in a row
The fourth I may decline

Sunday is a waiting day
Whenever weather wins
Reflecting on the ‘how it is’
When the in between begins

Sundays are for visiting
And momentary swerves
Especially when I find myself
Really getting on my nerves

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Carry The Candid Can

On a quest towards reality
When in bed one shouldn’t lie
Or be a leader up the garden path
Speak indignantly or sigh
Avoid all complicated maps
Don’t bank on hope or presuppose
The most acknowledged trickster
Will cross your lines by just a nose
On all things nice one must think twice
They are temptation’s shining light
You’ll know if you’ve arrived or not
For truth is there in black and white

Expedient Order

Sitting spinning heads or tails
Seeing two sides in mid air
Certain my predictions will
Confirm my insight flair
Well aware of fifty-fifty odds
Something else at stake I see
My coin is forced to fold its wings
When compressed by gravity
With confidence I check my score
A which-way state of undecided
Not content with one result
Best of three my rules presided

Friday, 28 April 2017

A Part Apart


Corner to corner
They stood in the square
Both of them leaving
But neither knew where
To the centre they moved
By the clown with a fiddle
Dodging the crowd
Who surrounded the middle
Clockwise to avoid them
They stepped up their gait
Unaware each existed
For neither would wait
Departing the square
Without waving goodbye
Yet missing each other
But not knowing why

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Mostly Thursday

I’ve dragged my way
Through work this week
Pulled out all the stops
Scraped my target barrel
Sucked up all the slops
But Hey! Tomorrows Friday
Gala evening glad rag day
Off up-town in a pulling gown
Friday night Weekend away

Shudder Judder Nights

As I enter dreamers doorway
Tired out and drained beyond
Confusing my subconscious
Like maybe drowning in a pond
My rescue systems cry alarm
Stimulating nerves and muscles
Sending system drenching chemicals
Through my networking corpuscles
At pace akin to slapping face
I surface sleep like chain reaction
With “what on earth is going on”
Rapid thumps of heart contraction
It may be caffeine taken late at night
Or mounting pressures on at work
Which drive me to that startling state
A bedtime dancing Hypnic Jerk

If Your Body Suddenly Jerks While Falling Asleep, THIS Is What It Means… 

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Chocolate Mindset

I’m excited nay ecstatic
On the latest chocolate news
That sensual slab of mouth delight
Will dissipate my love lorn blues
By lighting up my neurons
Explodes my brain capacity
My constructive and my cognitive
Improves my love voracity
A tablet taken twice each day
Is good measure for my pleasure
Much more spark is gained from dark
Intensely beneficial treasure
So there you go and now you know
Your guilty secret does you good
That chocolatier that you revere
Is advantageous to your hood

According to the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study or MSLS, participants residing in Syracuse, New York who were regular chocolate eaters had better cognitive functioning compared to those who did not regularly consume the goodie. What’s more surprising is this: regardless of any other dietary habit, chocoholics participating in the said study fared better in tests designed to measure the overall performance of the brain.

Diamond Days

He saw his life inside a cube
Between the lines refrained
Although the lines extended
He felt comfortably contained

He walked about unhindered
Reading maps kept in his head
So many ways to trace his steps
Where all to often he would tread

He fretted how the changes came
In patterns dancing in the night
Crudely sketching storyboards
On silver screens of tired light

He read the letters sent to him
To all and sundry he replied
Sending comfort to the anxious
Who suspected he had died

He revelled in the silent beat
Connecting curls in tuneful air
Felt the gentleness of atmosphere
Each tranquil pulse of solitaire

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Town Cryer

You can watch it coming but never see it go

A village clock free standing
Where people meet or wait
Challenging slow motion moves
At solitary moment rate

Slanted glancing at the clock face
A far too treasured minute stare
Those costly spears drift quietly by
Steal motive forces haunting there

Smiles arrive on time or late
Isolation stands in sorrow
Time glides on its silent wings
Another game in space tomorrow

Monday, 24 April 2017

Late Britain

Fool Britainia

Once again the politics flame
Blurry spears suggesting hope
Hardly radiating heat
Thin veneer of smoky scope

So many feeling mislead duped
A puppet nation on a string
Mutinous and cast adrift
On jam tomorrow’s future spring

A once proud kingdom’s broken heart
See heavy weather beckoning
Rudderless approaching storms
Toward a rocky beach head reckoning

No charismatic lighting beacons
Stirring speeches that inspire
A bunch of hopeful speculations
Cannot invigorate desire

A nightmare gallop to oblivion
Whilst feeble platitudes proclaim
Looking back in years from now
Before ‘Late Britain’ staggered lame

Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Grill

The airflow like a two way street
Hit the bars where tunes where played
A stale array of fresh exchange
Amid a burst of brilliance flayed

Careless messages they left behind
Remind the sceptical and guarded
Of what we heard from what they said
Played out stories long discarded

Alleyways of manufactured shapes
Where the foolish volunteered
With prospects of escape in mind
Dead-end doorways commandeered

The roads now dressed in uniforms
Build barricades with hard-pressed eyes
Looking out for lame excuses made
Concealed in thinly veiled disguise

Based on 'Desolation Row' by Bob Dylan

Saturday, 22 April 2017


Relaxing in a British Pub
Not any old one will do
Picture-perfect quaintness
Slowly sup a perfect brew
People-person peopled
By a super serving crew
I do declare a pleasant fare
If it’s all the same to you
The Head of Steam in King Street
Hull’s City culture Rendezvous
To be among the old and young
Where easy atmospheres imbue

Friday, 21 April 2017

This Way To Friday

Time to wet your whistle
Another week has bit the dust
Last ditch work hours passing by
As Friday feelings you adjust

Step out on the weekend slope
Among the vibes of Friday tribes
Swap the yolk for a casual cloak
Where the laidback guys subscribe

Get the upturn tone in a shindig zone
Strutting easy streets of beams
Where jaunty is your world tonight
Friday evening’s land of dreams

Who Knows

You need to choose
Which side are you on?

As this nation slowly slides away
Living barely on leftovers
Treading trails of cattle dung
No longer sailors or wild rovers

Our ways and means are taken down
A rattle  box of little parts
Missing pieces left not making sense
Piggy banks of stops and starts

We've sucked our riches out of futures
Ragged cloths now cut to shreds
Muddied continental waters
Now we lay on home made beds

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Picture by 

Easy flowing brush caress
Portray a flawless covered shell
A perfect touch of not too much
Suggesting tints of light gazelle

Movement whispers in the air
Where touch turned into glaze
As though a wispy dancing veil
Left brushstrokes in the haze


I’ll call today
my take on day
Prepared to get
the week in gear
Gusto shoves
take off the gloves
I’m of the mind
to persevere
Today is feeling
spanking new
A grandstand view
a good news day
I’ll go to war
with any chore
Even though
it’s only Tuesday