Thursday, 31 August 2017

Apple Blossom Rhymes

Link to a beautiful Sarstedt poem

Those letters that I wrote you
That read the words I never said
About the times we spent together
Things we could have done instead

Recalling dreams of living easy
The sound of songs we made our own
With all the living possibilities
On many roads we shared alone

Walking high roads and the low roads
Climbing rugged mountain slopes
Taking weather as it always is
Wherever next that kept our hopes

Leaving remnants of our story line
In the orchards of our days
Written in the minds of left behinds
Who shared our long hot summer days

Many well meant conversations
Every wistful heartfelt sigh
Driven on by hopes of no regrets
To write that final line goodbye

Remembering Peter Sarstedt's lovely Valentine song

"Oh the play goes on,
But the meaning's gone
And it looks as though we're running out of endings.
And the maddening thing is,
That while everybody worries ;

No one seems to do a thing about it."

Nibiru Is Coming To Get You

LINK: End of Times Predictions

Nibiru is going to destroy our planet in September<br />Credit: Shutterstock

Read more:

Here we go to gloomy doom
They say our ending’s in the air
Will smash our planet into dust
Ancient runes predict despair

Another load of nonsense
Where the end of us is nigh
Worlds collide in woe betide
That any chump may prophesy

As usual with these dread campaigns
Prophets profit from prediction
Professing ancient evidence
Which proves another contradiction

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The Tourist

On a worthless tourist trek
Passing time and filling in
Inspecting things I’d never buy
I weary wear a pointless grin

Shoulder shuffling passively
Pretending purpose I peruse
With air inside my vacant head
No thoughts to parry or confuse

Each boring step of fed up feet
In forests full of human trees
Flocking without noticing
Nobody doing as they please

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Intimations and Variations

Last Sunday walks in August
Autumn leaves prepare for flight
Vivaldi strains and harvest scenes
Gold speckled greys of summer light

Summer days set sail to faraway
At speed with winds of change
As harvest fields are set aside
Fruits of labour rearrange

Hunter’s Moon will ride the equinox
Filled with summer’s fading rays
Campfire stories warm togetherness

Recalling hot remembered days

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Eye to Eye With DIY

Hannah & Max and their DIY Hacks

If you like ‘I’ like DIY
Climbing steps and multi-tasking
Doing right you screw things tight
At wife’s first time of asking

You’ll need those bits and pieces
Close by within your reach
In position for precision
Rolls Royce finish, what a peach

Don’t tackle jobs half hearted
Get the gear at standby ready
Up you go not fast not slow
Done and dusted nice and steady

No need to fuss, drip sweat or cuss
When you can’t find where it is
Use your loaf prepare your ladder
Make your DIY chores fizz

Friday, 25 August 2017

This Way To No Return

Mayhem leaves Pandora’s box
Where confusion is perplexed
Pandemonium is wearing thin
Abundant disarray connects

Different laws control disorder
Revolution wheels spin free
The turmoil tap is steaming
Madness stirs a crazy tea

The rules of disobedience
Showing wilfulness outside
Hide inside recalcitrance
Predicting chaos not denied

All Tied Up And Ready To Go

How to tie the new school tie
Not near as hard as tying laces
But a skill it is and fun to learn
The roundabouts and tunnel spaces

Hold the wide end too the right
Hold the tail end left and still
Throw the right end left of shoulder
Complete full circle fits the bill

Then up and through the tunnel
Between your neck and tie
Underneath the knotty bridge
That’s it all done must fly

Kids all over will start new schools and will to need wear a tie. Check out the link below.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

The Busy Pen Is Telling Tales

A rich imagination
Living in a wealthy mind
What seems to be created
Is merely thinking realigned

Well fed brains with past ideas
Reading other peoples work
Whip the action in your head
Be ringmaster of your cirque

As the acts play out their parts
Announce the order of your play
Lion tamers tumbling clowns
Tightrope walker’s brave display

Shoot the human cannon ball
Into the flame of burning plots
In a canopy displaying stars
Letting insight join the dots

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Flight of Fancy

The paradox of archery is
A wobble straight and true
Bear in mind the nodal points
And why bend works out for you

To hit a target perfectly
Depends upon the snake and strain
And bending weight of arrow shank
To compensate the loss of gain

The Bow and Arrow is a tidy shot
You’ll find your target practice rocks
A bulls-eye bender focus sender
With each way balanced paradox

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Look What They've Done To Our Bong

The ring of truth is muzzled
The benchmark has been lost
The peal of London’s finest knell
Is now a standing order cost

Our clarion call of influence
Once cued the world’s attention
A yardstick on the grandest stage
Now London’s bell won’t get a mention

A clang that rang around the world
To prick the ears that truth endears
The Shutdown sound of London town
A one hand clapper without cheers

Old Big Ben's bell is silenced 
They dropped a clanger with our bong 
The sound of news rings out the blues
No more the lines of verity’s song

Monday, 21 August 2017

Outcome Immaterial

Looking up I saw a fluttering 
Billowed in a windy gust
It wouldn’t look me in the eye
Even though I knew it must

Straining hard to maintain height
With each circle dip and swerve
A show of mental nonchalance
Excessive stress in every curve

Line of sight gave indication
Of measured distance in between
A heavy weighted cobalt sky
Pressing down on emerald green

Suspended in a colour scheme
Amid a battle of the shades
In a force field thrust of gravity
Snubbing triumph’s march parades

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Percy's Pin Money

Hearing seeing making sense
Below the surface of our will
Multitudes of vital signs
Hidden strings of living skill
Learning this absorbing that
Adding new roads to the old
Strange events and conversations
Enjoying stories often told
Amazing brains beyond belief
Such liveliness within
Unless when dining out one night
You have no memory of your pin
A card that holds your key to wealth
Has shut you down no entry in
Your random access memory now
Denies it ever knew your pin
Perhaps that virus flu last year
Left some malware up your snout
Attacking your ability
For drawing any money out
Experts say it’s down to stress
A game of cards one cannot win
In a world of virtual everything
You don’t exist without your pin

If you have ever suffered 'Pin Amnesia' then click here

Saturday, 19 August 2017


So fast it rained torrentially
Stripping off the residues
That hung around like worn out rags
A running beat of slapping shoes

Smothering beams of struggling light
Forcing twisted sprites down drains
Coughing in the gutter runs
A monstrous filth of stark remains

Gurgle desperate drowning voices
Pouring out a wretched plea
Into cauldrons of relentlessness
Renewed refreshed and running free

Friday, 18 August 2017

A Hero From Hull

Surrounded in the mountain pass
Ambushed by so many trials
Yet making schemes and action plans
To ride on paths and conquer miles

To stare defiantly at crooked fate
Demanding battles free of truce
Fly the flag of stern defiance
Seek not respite nor weak excuse

For the hero in the raging swell
No turning back on bridges burned
On the oneway road of fearlessness
A bugle’s ‘Last Post’ ever spurned

One last echo near a quiet stream
A cloak of flags a soft salute
One last word determination
Firm resolve without dispute