Thursday, 31 August 2017

Apple Blossom Rhymes

Link to a beautiful Sarstedt poem

Those letters that I wrote you
That read the words I never said
About the times we spent together
Things we could have done instead

Recalling dreams of living easy
The sound of songs we made our own
With all the living possibilities
On many roads we shared alone

Walking high roads and the low roads
Climbing rugged mountain slopes
Taking weather as it always is
Wherever next that kept our hopes

Leaving remnants of our story line
In the orchards of our days
Written in the minds of left behinds
Who shared our long hot summer days

Many well meant conversations
Every wistful heartfelt sigh
Driven on by hopes of no regrets
To write that final line goodbye

Remembering Peter Sarstedt's lovely Valentine song

"Oh the play goes on,
But the meaning's gone
And it looks as though we're running out of endings.
And the maddening thing is,
That while everybody worries ;

No one seems to do a thing about it."

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