Friday, 30 June 2017

Turn It Off!

Must get a solution
To rampant pollution

Clearing the air
In our gap
With breathing so bad
The worst ever had
Causing last-gasp
Exhausting mishap
Carelessly sitting
Idle engines emitting
Pass-by children
Inhaling spent fuel
Vapours unseen
From the family machine
Toxicity hovers
Around school
Parents who care
Not really aware
Of the poisonous
Idle release
Would smartly react
To a hostility act
Call the police

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Home Cooked

I pour you port and bring you cheese
Gorgonzola taste bud pleasing
Those nights we spend contenting
Coffee grinding laced and teasing

Candle lit we dance the flame alight
In passions folly mad embrace
Overdrawing saved up energy
Cheek to cheek and face to face

Midnight hour has passed us by
In a blanket bath we swim
Auto piloting a tide of schemes
Three sheets too tight to trim

Elemental Forces

Tedium sometimes hit her hard
Its ceaseless pulse of passing time
Constant like a metronome
A lifelong mountain height to climb

Barren valley roads to nowhere else
Where music rarely ever played
Yet if you listened to the silence
Songs would whisper in the glade

Meaning came in music messages
Concerto’s filled her memory hall
Laughter dance and merriment
Reverberating wall to wall

Sunshine strong her leading light
Bringing gifts beyond compare
Warm caressing summer smile
With unspoken words to share

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Empire Made

Don't give money to the poor.
They'll only spend it

Dips drops cuts and chops
The reason for limited cash
Is far too many billionaires
Sit piling up their stash

The spread of wealth is tilted
As the money mountains shake
Is giving pennies to the penniless
A world economy mistake

Too many people live too long
Too much medicine for free
Is tax unfair to billionaires
Why might governments agree

There needs to be a means tests
In the sharing out of beans
Is letting go of those below
Safeguarding money by all means

Monday, 26 June 2017

Preferential Differential

A politician has a wish list
Full of favourite things to say
Caressing hopeful listening ears
Extending rescues from dismay

Eye to eye and patting hands
Finds the sympathetic glaze
A net to catch the feathery vote
With soundbite perfect phrase

To all my people waiting here
I make to you a solemn vow
How marvellous your life will be
As soon as I discover how

Backroom guys are watching
On their counter measure screen
Rates of change are pulverised
In a stealthy grind machine

Sunday, 25 June 2017

I Would Like To Be A Writer But

Perhaps I need a ghost writer

I would like to be a writer but
So many words refuse to play
Imagination is my ship at sea
Tossing turning every way
Research I'm sure will help me start
I need a fast beginning
They say a sense of humour works
Writing jokes just get me grinning
Good advice is always welcome
It can make me feel I might
I reach out for that fountain pen
But then I don’t know what to write

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Finding Peace

Observing early birds at work
Fly down to scour and scratch
A continual fitness frenzy fest
Fight for each essential catch
They don’t do leisure
Nor hang out
Watchful eyes are everywhere
Whistle stops demand keep out
No entry, nothing, going spare
Your life term is your accident
Being here you will be tested
Until you are too tired to try
Finding peace
Once you’ve been bested

Friday, 23 June 2017

The Letter

Got your letter yesterday
Early morning not too late
Heard the letterbox announce
The carpet slap that lay in wait
Boiled a kettle made some tea
Sauntered to my easy chair
I recognised your curly script
Then slit the envelope with care
Many pages unexpectedly
Thinly spaced between the lines
So much to say but so long since
A test of style in such confines
Of the many things you mentioned
You wrote strongly of a yearning
Perhaps a new uncluttered slate
A subtle hint of your returning
It helps with preparations
With indications more precise
Misgivings are all yours my friend
Just turning up here will suffice
No doubt there is much more to say
Old schemes new themes and variations
How it was back here we don't recall
As in your letter's lamentations

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Weekend Summer Break

I'm ready for a holiday
Doing as I please
Keeping travel local
In satisfying summer breeze
Peruse a Farmers Market
Get a basket full of cheese
Crusty bread and chutney
Spanish wine from overseas
Exercise my appetite
A luncheon treat decrees
Neath a shady tree sun shelter
I relish easy days like these

Left Wings Of A Dove

They call it basic living costs
For where we live and what we eat
Our Sunday best our weekday vest
Shoes to comfort weary feet

Washing drinking hot or cold
Blankets curtains privately
Music gossip TV local news
Not even love is free

Little people paying way too high
Nothing more than cash sucked slaves
Worker Bees generating honey
Feeding jelly rolling knaves

Bottled water twenty pounds
To please the ego of a waster
Too many other people pay
For the quaffing bubbly taster

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Glass Coloured Roses

The half full glass of water
Displays half empty grace
A fifty nil persuasion
For the empty second place

The waterline is limiting
All or nothing it evokes
A fake idea suggestion box
Full of optimistic jokes

A world of disadvantages
Bastions filled with winners
Who over feed their greedy need
Amid the vagrants without dinners

The human being has a natural affinity to progress positively. Where similarity of circumstance exists then one can always do better in a positive way. But not at the loss of the war torn vanquished. History shows that psychopathic conquest has favoured the negatively ruthless. It is the restless wind that drives the weather not the happily contented community.

Oxford Dictionaries - Definition of positive thinking in English:
positive thinking - Originally Psychology
The practice or result of concentrating one's mind affirmatively on the good and constructive aspects of a matter so as to eliminate negative or destructive attitudes and emotions.

If only we had a glass full of this.

Abbey Habitual Ritual

I can see Europe from here mum

Our Queen is burdened once again
Reading cliché to the masses
A politician's barrel scraping
Framed in hot air leaking gasses

The stock exchange will rise again
They’ll be betting in the hedges
Feathered nests with birds in hand
And a pocket load of wedges

The populace with half cocked ears
Watch how the system came and went
‘Not in not out’ weak whispered shout
In tiptoe dance they circumvent

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Up For Grabs

We get to make our own rules. Really?

They boiled it down to 'Yes or No'
A far too 'simply put' decision
A Right or Wrong or Good or Bad
A two-way street condition

Hard to see the truth of it
When probing 'us and them' ideals
Best guess 'win or lose' express
A hidden future price conceals

Behind the scenes negotiations
A cloak and dagger 'give or take'
No more shrieking 'In or Out?'
Who gets crumbs and who has cake

Monday, 19 June 2017


How tough it is to start a week
When last week  failed to leave
Buoyant energies have bled away
Needing much more time to grieve

Pointlessness that raised the bar
Reveals indifferent ways and means
Chasing paper trails for signatures
Deferred inquiry now convenes

Bottom lines contented purses
Prophesied the profit crime
Where takers took unjust rewards
A ‘ Clean Hands Policy on slime

Now begins the inquisition
A shadow world of duck and dive
A seedy game avoiding blame
As contract lawyers now connive

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Bugs To Bear

This Bug Sucks

‘Wired’ magazine is worrying me
Creepy tales of ‘Lone Star Ticks
Who nip into our bacon tucks
Play parasitic lousy tricks

Something new to fret about
When bringing home the bacon
A red meat licking viral bug
Within your burger overtaken

Maybe its nature biting back
To rearrange our fast food lives
A scratching itch trespasser
Imparting touchy feely hives

Wired Magazine Article Link

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Act Theft

For all the world on stages
If you like or not at all
Walking through the ages
To the final curtain call
Setting scenes presenting
Uplifting songs and speeches
Tragic comics unrelenting                                      
Unrequited plea beseeches
All of those we once new well
Front of stage and those behind
Portentous omens that foretell
How royal families realigned
All the players and the audience
In attendance shared the show
All agreeing that obedience
Carved out ways that rivers flow