Monday, 19 June 2017


How tough it is to start a week
When last week  failed to leave
Buoyant energies have bled away
Needing much more time to grieve

Pointlessness that raised the bar
Reveals indifferent ways and means
Chasing paper trails for signatures
Deferred inquiry now convenes

Bottom lines contented purses
Prophesied the profit crime
Where takers took unjust rewards
A ‘ Clean Hands Policy on slime

Now begins the inquisition
A shadow world of duck and dive
A seedy game avoiding blame
As contract lawyers now connive


  1. There will be a scapegoat. I think.

    1. Too big and too visible to blame it on one thing. It all depends on how long they can drag it out. In other words they may try to kill it off with boredom and pay off's. In the end the buck stops with local and national government penny pinching.