Friday, 23 June 2017

The Letter

Got your letter yesterday
Early morning not too late
Heard the letterbox announce
The carpet slap that lay in wait
Boiled a kettle made some tea
Sauntered to my easy chair
I recognised your curly script
Then slit the envelope with care
Many pages unexpectedly
Thinly spaced between the lines
So much to say but so long since
A test of style in such confines
Of the many things you mentioned
You wrote strongly of a yearning
Perhaps a new uncluttered slate
A subtle hint of your returning
It helps with preparations
With indications more precise
Misgivings are all yours my friend
Just turning up here will suffice
No doubt there is much more to say
Old schemes new themes and variations
How it was back here we don't recall
As in your letter's lamentations

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