Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Chocolate Mindset

I’m excited nay ecstatic
On the latest chocolate news
That sensual slab of mouth delight
Will dissipate my love lorn blues
By lighting up my neurons
Explodes my brain capacity
My constructive and my cognitive
Improves my love voracity
A tablet taken twice each day
Is good measure for my pleasure
Much more spark is gained from dark
Intensely beneficial treasure
So there you go and now you know
Your guilty secret does you good
That chocolatier that you revere
Is advantageous to your hood

According to the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study or MSLS, participants residing in Syracuse, New York who were regular chocolate eaters had better cognitive functioning compared to those who did not regularly consume the goodie. What’s more surprising is this: regardless of any other dietary habit, chocoholics participating in the said study fared better in tests designed to measure the overall performance of the brain.

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