Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Corner Kid

It's all right Ma
I'm only pleading

Corner Kid they called him
With his ever begging bowl
A ship to sail those coins into
A port for passer’s by with soul

Somehow grounded in position
He felt a wish for great success
Applauded those who shared with him
A small bequest from their excess

Some days he was invisible
As though his corner had transcended
Escorted by his hunger pangs
That never left him unattended

Homespun tunes to please the locals
His corner turned with atmosphere
Shoppers smiled his air beguiled
That Corner Kid the bandolier

Three other Kids came by one day
In need of one more for their band
All agreed the Corner Kid indeed
Could value-add and give a hand

They took him home he took a bath
Made a bed on a woollen blanket
He shared his begging bowl of coin
Four guys shared a Beggar’s Banquet

Times are hard with cold alone
Left to walk the the empty road
How rich we are to be with friends
Who carry bags to ease our load

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