Sunday, 16 July 2017

Fancy Words

When talking to be understood
Writing words to be explained
Bare essential simple meanings
Nothing else in there contained

Mellifluous  is soundly smooth
Superfluous unneeded
Cantankerous may get your goat
And leave nefarious unheeded

A candid prose with clarity
Described as short and to the point
Where nothing said leaves any doubt
How massaged words may well anoint

Limerence a smothering love
Iridescently intense
Such luminescence overpowering
To hail your eloquence immense

Can it be that words are fancy
To make impressions cream and fluffy
Like the icing on the sweetest cake
Or merely pompous and quite stuffy

Popularity is a favoured word
Sometimes ephemeral or expensive
Maybe the cost of fancy words
Make convoluted seem extensive

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