Thursday, 27 July 2017

Jolly Melancholy

You can do it I can too
Thinking positive a breeze
Regardless of the evidence
We can all do as we please
Find yourself a black spot
Where light has disappeared
Half night half day decide away
A positive journey steered
Be directed by gut feeling
Walking planks to other sides
Out there bobbing joyfully
In a half glass full of tides
Be a leader of commitment
Tell your troops about the cause
How giving up their right to life
Is helping others win those wars
Happy is a thrilling choice
You may choose to smile or not
Sip slowly from the glass half full
In the end that’s all you’ve got
Being down and out deflated
In tearful symphonies of sad
Just turn that record over
If you can’t smile then that’s too bad
Be always up for everything
Don’t put up with nonetheless
Accept the landfill site your living in
As someone else’s state of mess

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