Friday, 21 July 2017

Interview with Me (No Cameras Please)

 Q.         Have you always written rhyme
Me.      Not always, they can make a report look odd
Q.         Some of your rhymes are puzzling
Me.      True, I often write when I’m puzzled
Q.         Are they easy to solve
Me.      Oh yes but you need to read them first
Q.         You have written so many
Me.      There are many more written by others
Q.         Do you have a favourite rhyme
Me.      Most of Lewis Carroll’s are my favourite rhymes
Q.         Who is your favourite poet
Me.      All the poets I have read so far
Q.         Who would you say is a bad poet
Me.      Depends what you mean by bad
Q.         What is your main reason for writing rhyme

Me.      You’ll have to ask my forceful subconscious that question

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