Friday, 19 May 2017

My Oh My - My DIY

Waiting silent in a tidy box
To be executed as required
A well placed set of implements
When jobs to do conspired

Special helpers long selected
For proven aptitude and strength
Some laid in tight compartments
Others far to long in length

Gripping things and uptight springs
Trimming blades and coping saws
Screws and nails and super glue
For undertaking headstrong flaws

My able friends when most in need
Ignore expletive oaths profane
They understand remain on hand
Until I need them once again


  1. 'Expletive oaths', One has to wonder what such a wordsmiths expletives might be ;o)

    1. Of course the tools get the blame for every unexpected collapse of progress. In that frustrating moment of partnership failure dire threats of horrendous proportions are shouted.