Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Button It (Madly Yours)

To be at peace to be at one
Absorb your inner place
Engage and hold serenity
Let your spirit interlace

Let all your tensions scatter
Let obligations be elsewhere
Enjoy the prone to be alone
Allow yourself to be in there

In this time of mass intrusions
Jolting buzzing shrill ringtones
As messages have gathered moss
To throttle rolling stones

Fight your fear of turning off
Far away from overlapping
Circumvent the probe intent
The sound of one hand tapping

Eight new mental illnesses brought to you by the Internet

“We’ve all been conditioned to be alert for notifications from our phones,” said Dr. Rosen. “We’re like Pavlov’s dogs in a way. You see people pull out their phones and two minutes later do it again even though nothing has taken place. That’s driven by reflex action as well as by anxiety to make sure we haven’t missed out on anything. It’s all part of the FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out] reaction.”

Monday, 27 July 2015


Clusters meet agreeably
Proclaiming history flat lining
Defining what they need to be
In the sunlight brightly shining

Hanging round collectively
Street corners looking cool
Trespassing on burial grounds
Just to prove that life’s a duel

Fingers up to old societies
Brand new ways of knowing how
For they are free to be and say
Banging tables here and now

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Author Eyed

Grabbed my pages up in bundles
Took them to this highbrow cat
Who gave my stack a sidelong glance
Declaring snobbishly ‘Old Hat’

"Well and good your way with words"
Thoughtfully the cat was grinning
"the kind of stuff I’m looking for
A blatant patent style of winning"

So I tried to write a song today
Not a single word came through
No sound or sight of music notes
Nor nothing else I’d rather do

I mooched around and shuffled
Doodled idly on my pad
Considered somewhere else to be
But felt more happy being sad

Dreaming days of passing clouds
When sky blue was sapphire sure
Reminding me of careless days
When life was richer being poor

Not content with my simplicity
Though left unruffled by desire
Laughing loud felt peachy sweet
Like telling stories by a fire

Friday, 24 July 2015

Years From Now

NASA’s found an earth like planet
Five hundred light years faraway
Telescopically a way out view
Deeply contentious one might say

If travelling at the speed of light
No time to waste each second counts
For the life of me that’s way too slow
If distant journeys one surmounts

For now we’ll have to leave it be
Whilst we invent new fancy flights
Dreaming dreams in particle beams
On magic carpet covered kites

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Silly Questions

 A little cat looked up at me
With a challenging request
Why are things the way they are
Are they really for the best

It depends on how you look at stuff
Or whatever you’re emitting
We are part of what surrounds us
When we’re relaying or transmitting

That doesn’t mean to much too me
The cat looked quite upset
I need more simple explanations
So far impossible to get

‘I am bewildered’ is a finer phrase
If in pursuit of better terms
Murky answers will much clearer be
As grasp of language then confirms

Our lives it seems demand of us
Investigation and solutions
Though taking short cuts asking others
May well mislead you to confusions

Feeling that you need to know
So much more than you know now
Demands a wariness of chinwag
Which often falls well short of how