Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Button It (Madly Yours)

To be at peace to be at one
Absorb your inner place
Engage and hold serenity
Let your spirit interlace

Let all your tensions scatter
Let obligations be elsewhere
Enjoy the prone to be alone
Allow yourself to be in there

In this time of mass intrusions
Jolting buzzing shrill ringtones
As messages have gathered moss
To throttle rolling stones

Fight your fear of turning off
Far away from overlapping
Circumvent the probe intent
The sound of one hand tapping

Eight new mental illnesses brought to you by the Internet

“We’ve all been conditioned to be alert for notifications from our phones,” said Dr. Rosen. “We’re like Pavlov’s dogs in a way. You see people pull out their phones and two minutes later do it again even though nothing has taken place. That’s driven by reflex action as well as by anxiety to make sure we haven’t missed out on anything. It’s all part of the FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out] reaction.”

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