Sunday, 26 July 2015

Author Eyed

Grabbed my pages up in bundles
Took them to this highbrow cat
Who gave my stack a sidelong glance
Declaring snobbishly ‘Old Hat’

"Well and good your way with words"
Thoughtfully the cat was grinning
"the kind of stuff I’m looking for
A blatant patent style of winning"

So I tried to write a song today
Not a single word came through
No sound or sight of music notes
Nor nothing else I’d rather do

I mooched around and shuffled
Doodled idly on my pad
Considered somewhere else to be
But felt more happy being sad

Dreaming days of passing clouds
When sky blue was sapphire sure
Reminding me of careless days
When life was richer being poor

Not content with my simplicity
Though left unruffled by desire
Laughing loud felt peachy sweet
Like telling stories by a fire

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