Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Silly Questions

 A little cat looked up at me
With a challenging request
Why are things the way they are
Are they really for the best

It depends on how you look at stuff
Or whatever you’re emitting
We are part of what surrounds us
When we’re relaying or transmitting

That doesn’t mean to much too me
The cat looked quite upset
I need more simple explanations
So far impossible to get

‘I am bewildered’ is a finer phrase
If in pursuit of better terms
Murky answers will much clearer be
As grasp of language then confirms

Our lives it seems demand of us
Investigation and solutions
Though taking short cuts asking others
May well mislead you to confusions

Feeling that you need to know
So much more than you know now
Demands a wariness of chinwag
Which often falls well short of how

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