Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Kind Of Human Mind

I wonder if you’d be so kind
To share awhile if you don’t mind
It seems that we are of a kind
Dwelling deep on things in mind

Music shared our special kind
Synchronised to ease our mind
Two-way pledges paid in kind
Perseverance borne in mind

We each extend to visitor kind
Changes help to air the mind
Bring comfort to the needy kind
Overriding matters of the mind

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Hole Story

Peaceful in a cubbyhole
Imagining a peephole
To see inside a black hole
Discovering a porthole
A way out through a keyhole
Take care around the loophole
Shunning comfort in a bolthole
Or endure in every borehole
Eternal label in a hellhole
No escaping from a pigeonhole
Breathing foul air in a pothole
Straining fresh air near a pinhole
A struggled self-made manhole
Who tumbles down a sinkhole
Fingers covered by his armhole
Emotions waxing in my earhole
Scented roses in a buttonhole
Speak of elsewhere in a wormhole

Friday, 20 January 2017

The Presidents New Clothes

Using tools and implements
Has given power to mankind
Speeding up the arduous
Human culture redefined
We do not need the gruelling
For our national state of health
What angry backers voted for
Is reestablishment of wealth
Old industry and practice
Returning jobs for little folk
Billionaires are confident
Some kind of vaudevillian joke?
Oppressed by modern Pharaohs
In privileged pyramids interlaced
Planting plants in rural places
That robot labours once replaced
Wishful thinkers reaching out
Give way to false and fake
Trusting in a selfish monocrat
To let the dispossessed eat cake

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Tour d'horizon

Sitting by my favoured books
Where I probe ideas well known
Reviewing insights that recover me
From garden wild plants overgrown

Determination in seclusion
Clears the way for new collections
So many scribbled doodling’s
Become corrections then selections

Raising leaves from standing water
I dredge the pond of stale ingressions
Seeing undercurrents surfacing
A fountain gush of new impressions

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Today Only

Once again
the daybreak sang
throwing sunrays
at my eyes
to breathe in deep 
the morning air
First lights golden
morning prize
Hearing faintly
distant city sounds
feeling movement
in the air
Standing quietly
by the kitchen bar
filling coffee cups
to share
This now 
may never call again
But if it does
I will delight
drawing curtains
open windows wide
once more
I beat the night

Bingo Bongo

Sitting crowded in the eager hall
Fingers tensely rhythm beat
Dabbing ready heartbeat steady
Sexy numbers red hot heat

Massive music breaks the tension
Heightened passions in a dance
The Bingo Bongo multitude
Acquire desire for one more chance

Saturday, 14 January 2017

I’m Looking Out For Einstein

Being here and there apparently
Is more likely than one sees
Like standing in a 'trail of things'
Tricky time-span mysteries

Living upbeat in my ‘Now Point’
In my world of self deception
Allowing me an inkling
On fake illusions of perception

Confounded by my state of play
And my somewhere nonexistence
I wonder where I ought to be
Amid my angles of consistence

All at once I’ve been and gone
Or still waiting for my birth
Whilst never having been here yet
I am my future place on earth

So thanks so much to Mr Einstein
Maybe I’ll meet him during sleep
Or in my wakefulness rewound again
Prepared to take the quantum leap

Past present and future is only an illusion albeit a persistent one

No Fault Found

The intention is perfection
A flawless structured stone
Not susceptible to frailty
Nor hidden mishap prone
Observing every lesson learned
Predicting likelihood potential
What-if plans and second guesses
Of tried and tested parts essential
Logic paths of stairs and steps
Speculation free of chancers
Who dive wildly in deep water
Pursuing shallow ended answers

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A Life Sentence

To the conscious life is weird
where so many levels meet
Is life just one big dining hall
of chuck the living wait to eat

Observe your pecking orders
a ruling etiquette of things
Bastions of the psychopath
divinely righteous style of kings

Head honcho’s reading menus first
waiters hold their breath in fear
Consent is one more power play
a smiling tiger’s thin veneer

Citizens with starving pangs
watch as mighty mouthfuls sate
Licking thumbs whilst eyeing crumbs
taking turns to lick the plate

Look at life how great it is
hail the winner on the heap
Who needs to grab and store it all
for blind eyed courtiers feigning sleep

Monday, 9 January 2017

Life After Winter

Tree light on a springtime morn
Stabbing eyes with flashy drills
To let you know the sun is back
Demanding fields of daffodils

Branches offer no respite
Naked buds still deeply sleep
Rays exposed that promise days
May bring memories to keep

Nights draw out extending days
City people working later
Head homeward on suburban trains
To be a local pub orator

Sunday, 8 January 2017


Mentally connected
in computer applications
Everything that’s known
is her domain
Every scrap of information
is Google up to date
She has a wicked Wikipedia
kind of brain

Connectivity by Wi-Fi
router rooted in her mind
She is a pinterested glam
on instagram
Instant recall selfie styles
whether grimaces or smiles
Without need to ever study
Or to cram

She exists in information
a worldwide academe
Her compilations fill editions
old and new
Her entirety depends
on the factual proof of sends
Corroborated only
by the latest point of view

Saturday, 7 January 2017


He started writing photographs
Descriptive views on scenes
Pictures printed in a paragraph
Black and white not too obscene

His camera case two listening ears
Keeping notes inside his head
A rapid mind of frames per second
Sleepless playing back in bed

Early morning in the cutting room
A paper knife sliced every phrase
Until a picture clear wrote back to him
In dazzling Technicolor glaze

Leave Quickly

Bugger off a phrasal verb
A British favoured vulgar saying
Usually an imperative
Whether serious or just playing

Go away depart take off
Clear out get out move on
Withdraw retreat shift your feet
Extract yourself be gone

It matters not the way you dress
Whether ruffian or toff
If pushing luck beyond the bounds
They’ll likely tell you ‘bugger off’

Note: Most of this rhyme comes from Oxford Dictionaries