Monday, 13 March 2017

Who Stole Their Candy?

Mobile mangled net entangled
Strings are pulled securely
Rendering our puppet minds
To acquiesce demurely

Scrutinized then supervised
Injected minds infected
Unaware how every friendly share
Has them studied then subjected

‘Super Highway’ just another byway
Lets bully despots intercede
Their black hole sucking out control
Festered flows of data bleed

The little minds they mesmerize
Play going nowhere humdrum games
Speed of thought reduced to nought
Removes all independence claims

Nothing forced no holocaust
They have the last word in your root
As you linger with your finger
They have the reins on your pursuit

The final fight is won at night
This conflict needs no arms
Invisible keys unlock fatal breeze
Corals the human kind in farms

LINK: BBC News - GCHQ warns politicians about Russian hacking threat 

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