Tuesday, 28 March 2017


My sixes are in mixes
Today I’m in a fashion spot
A helter-kilter disarray
Of what is right and what is not

I took the wrong side out of bed
Struggled hard to find my slippers
After bringing home the bacon
I forgot my breakfast kippers

My style and self-assurance
Out of balance inside out
Up the creek my state of chic
By rule of form is lacking clout

Beset by lack of similarity
Severely shallow in my skin
I’ve missed the bus of one of us
Out-of-the-way without a pin

My cutting edge is blunted
Lost the password to my locks
If bad hair isn’t bad enough
I’m sadly wearing mismatched socks

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant. I'm not sure I ever had a password for my locks... unless 'worzel-Gummidge-hair is a thing. As for mismatched socks, I'm incredibly careful, making sure they are binned-washed-hung-dried in pairs. My kids went through a stage of choosing to wear odd socks... much to my dismay.