Thursday, 2 February 2017

That Old Adage

Be relaxed about the future
Unless you care not for today
Instant does as right now is
But not always straight away

Wait and see be patient
We interrogate each other
Pressing hard for answers
If not one thing it’s another

Fixing things unbroken
Show a childish discontent
As devils play with idle hands
Render flawlessness hell bent

Enjoy the stillness moments
Listen cautiously for pin-drops
Wary that the way of life
Not always where the mop flops


  1. You got ALL of that from "It's just the way the mop flops" ?! My word Cliff... what a gifted man you are! I'm in awe of your talent. x

    1. All your fault Kimmie you have a telling way. You may or not be surprised that people are listening to you. ;-)