Saturday, 24 December 2016

Random Rhymes

Do I need vibrations
Living in this street
Could be I need a light refrain
A mantra to repeat

I’m writing me a music note
To relax me and relieve
I’ve been feeling oh so crochety
I need to double up and breve
Thinking on this writing lark
How inspiration is the spark
No matter how much light I see
I feel tortured in the dark

In this room
I consider my presence
In this room
a cocoon of my me
A space for my trace
to inhabit a place
In these moments
of my certainty

On the cusp of massiveness
So many ideas in my head
Tonight I’ll write ‘til half past nine
Then ‘sod-it’ off to bed

Sitting edgy on a sombre tomb
Waiting in a catacomb
Wondering if there’s any room
For parlour games amid the gloom

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