Thursday, 6 August 2015

Muddles in Huddles

When out taking lunch in a group or a bunch
It’s worth making plans in advance
For the group is a troupe singing similar tunes
Whilst a bunch is a haphazard dance

A bunch is a crowd full of laughter out loud
Not a group in a loop with agendas
Nudges and winks, nod to petty cash drinks
As a bunch tends to smirk at pretenders

A group is a song sheet precisely compiled
Conducted in choir like precision
Unlike the bunch who buy their own lunch
Which the group looks upon with derision

The group is a mood in a transient crowd
Expediently loyal to the money
Bunches are scenes where reality means
That in-spite of it all keep it funny

Where a joke is a joke not a dig or a poke
Pleasant bunch is good place to be
Unlike a group who will jump though a hoop
Apple-polishing gloss “Look at me!”

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