Sunday, 26 February 2017


The train I ride is outward bound
Going nowhere I call home
A journey of wherever goes
Where coastal rivers catch the foam

Meeting faces never seen
Who speak of greener stations
Telling me in brand new ways
Of other roads to new locations

Where passers by may raise a hat
At stranger’s foreign modes
A cursory glance a thought perchance
On both sides of the road

Friday, 24 February 2017


The blast across the river
Blowing kisses at the waves
Clouds are throwing blankets
Not the kind that comfort craves

Moody warnings fill the air
As turmoil hits the ground
Scattering directions
No sign to refuge can be found

Symphonies of driving forces
Are tuning up to sound insane
Chaotic choirs screaming shrill
Discordant chants of hurricane

Friday Oh Yay!

Daybreak Friday morning
It’s action hereon in
Chase away the inbox stack
Put on your weekend skin

Move your mood to happy
Set your mode to swing
Get a grip on Friday
Let it be your weekend thing

Float away on freedom dust
Land on a way out place to be
Aim to be about tonight
Sing Friday hey YIPPEE!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Grin Wreaker

Secret smiling in his shadow land
Master Craftsman of confusion
Scanning plans of doom impending
Evaporates ones snug illusion

He is the riddance of the self-assured
In perfect plans the unknown void
The tactless step of foot in mouth
A dab-hand trade in Schadenfreude

Brings unplanned rain on sunny days
Supplies wet blankets for good causes
Spills your jugs and topples mugs
Fills the room with pregnant pauses

Makes you late for that essential date
Sucks colour out of pallid cheeks
Puts the grind on bringing things to mind
Casting doubt on sound techniques

Below the hidden scheme of things
Will spread annoyance in the crowd
Turns a tune of crackling microphones
Into a mass of ‘laugh out loud’

Wreaker’s favourite sport duplicity
On shoulders perching always near
To whisper doubt about your progress
Even though the coast is clear

Behind a door where no one’s there
Slowing down the shortest queue
A driver in that speeding car
Who muddy drenched all over you

Trips you up when nothing’s in your way
Drains your mind with memory lapses
Rearranging books you stored away
Upon a shelf which then collapses 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Heinous Rhyme

A heated packed out courtroom
Passions running high
With much anticipation
Facts and fictions that belie

This case we have before us
Unbelievably absurd
A test of tense and meaning
Heinous crimes against the word

Genocide of shady passages
Misconceptions risky phrases
Paragraphs offending senses
Causing wicked vacant gazes

Each case was well presented
Final summaries sought repentance
For crimes of murdering many words
The Judge gave out a lengthy sentence

They sent him down without a word
Took his pen and pad away
There's no appeal for volubility
And suffocating words won't pay

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentines Today

Scatter passion over ardent words
Sending pleadings of persuasion
Stirrings secretive in tenderness
Declaring steaming hot temptation

Love warmed daydream fantasies
Electric heartbeats touch combine
Lush with lavish happenings
In games of love sweet valentine

Monday, 13 February 2017

From Dystopia to Utopia and Back Again

There was a time as stories go
Portraying evil scenes
Where nastiness turned pages
In worlds of wrathful means

Spiteful pleasure sorrow seekers
Overjoyed in causing pain
Demanding unjust adoration
Denying dreams of hopeful gain

Each story ends in wistful sighs
Castle keeps that once kept laughter
Telling tales how good prevails
Declaring happy ever after

Truly good and bad are warriors
A long run game of won and lost
A raging bull of push and pull
Where win or lose must meet cost

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Nowhere No way This Sunday

Sunday mornings in cold weather
Steal the restful out of rest
Raindrops gripping windows
Leave my Sunday jest oppressed

Breakfast brews bring some respite
May motivate my buried plans
Replacing awkwardness with possible
Contemplating pots and pans

Pensively I leave my chair
Squirrels scoot my garden wall
Not for them the Sunday weather blues
In their world of free for all

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Reflections of Then

Her picture postcard visions
Held impressions still to savour
Reminders of how good it was
To taste a slice of living flavour

How all those things she valued
Now vital signs of special days
Every aspect picture memorized
Shining fervent in her gaze

Recalling blissful summer evenings
Quiet groves of charmed wellbeing
As if forever could be tightly held
In a stronghold guaranteeing

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Hull - More Ways Than One

Hull’s year in the spotlight: art, crowds and a giant turbine blade

As City of Culture, Hull will reflect its fishing port past and its future as a manufacturing hub
 A huge wind turbine blade is installed at Queen Victoria Square in Hull. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA

Just before the dawn break
Where darkest nights subside
They placed the blade of action
In the city square of pride

Strident triumph overflowing
Up-and-coming on display
A portside place emergent
Soaring heights on Freetown Way

Freedom city breaking chains
Looking forward bold and bright
No longer held by indecision
Swooping culture in full flight

© Poem only C K Letts - February 2017

Saturday, 4 February 2017

A Tale of Toys

Jimmy Jancksey silly boy 
once mislaid his favourite toy
He looked around throughout the day
using up his time for play

It made him sad it made him cry
until he stopped to wonder why
that he should lose this special thing
just left somewhere unknown to him

He made is mind up on that day
That care and thought might be the way
More awake and more aware
Not placing stuff just anywhere

He found his coat and then his hat
He even found his cricket bat
He found so many things that day
then cheerfully began to play

Jimmy Jancksey clever boy
No longer loses any toy
He concentrates and listen's more
now finding things is not a chore

Great Expectations

The whirlwind man to our surprise
Blowing hard with every breath
Proclaimed a power beyond belief
A bible basher screaming death
Hot emotions in the apple stew
A boiling madness twirling romp
Called upon a scary mudslinger
To sink in deep and drain the swamp
Eagle eyed unbending adamant
Declaring vital missions sacred
With overflowing self importance
Heart on sleeve and brain buck-naked

Friday, 3 February 2017

The Mobster's Quick Step

This idea is unashamedly filched from Mary Howitt's 'The Spider and the Fly' and Lewis Carroll's Mock Turtles Song 'The Lobster Quadrille'

The glass wall sparkled in the sun 
A scenic view of lucid bright 
Although precision of position
Had the feel of cool damp night 

Then we stepped into the atrium 
A place indeed to be impressed
Nicely introduced ourselves 
Without question were addressed

A man of substance smiling broad 
Tink, tink, tink, he tapped his glass 
Causing pleasing chat to hang mid-air 
Anticipating what might parse 

Today I’d like to share with you 
After many years of dreaming 
How in the end it dawned on me 
A ray of insight beaming 

The speaker raised a steady hand
Putting murmurings aside
And so continued in beseeching tone
To ears and eyes that opened wide

Everything we want to be
Displayed in galleries of our mind
Is based on sets of mutuality’s
And payment suitably in kind

So join us and be rest assured
Our gift together is unbounded
Sharing shares we know you like
All sense of failure is unfounded

For we have found the lost horizon
We offer tickets too fair by far
To enjoy the much more merriment
Along our route to Shangri la

Street Sounds

Buskers on your corner street
Singing songs to passers by
Not the type one hopes to meet
Or make contact with the eye
Distant sounds to string along
Mostly background stuff
A penny bucket jingle ring
If the weather’s not too rough
The busker plays a town wall air
Now and then to earn a living
Singing songs to half-cocked ears
Not hearing what he’s giving
Something sounds familiar
I think I recognise that tune
Sounds different as a record track
A more easy listening croon

Thursday, 2 February 2017

That Old Adage

Be relaxed about the future
Unless you care not for today
Instant does as right now is
But not always straight away

Wait and see be patient
We interrogate each other
Pressing hard for answers
If not one thing it’s another

Fixing things unbroken
Show a childish discontent
As devils play with idle hands
Render flawlessness hell bent

Enjoy the stillness moments
Listen cautiously for pin-drops
Wary that the way of life
Not always where the mop flops