Sunday, 13 August 2017

Just Me

Try this thought experiment
Write a line of text
To see what drops upon your page
Then observe what happens next

For this where the search for you
Begins inside your head
Your game of ‘who, me?’ hide and seek
Where you write wrong things instead

If you ask yourself a question
Like who is really me
The answer may not come at all
For who you are you cannot see

But then again you ask yourself
If ‘what you are’ is more like cake
Fresh and new then turning stale
Then many more of you to bake

So being you is not an easy thing
No one-time truth you might uncover
For every part of you is changing fast
What once was you is now another

Give yourself a chance to say
Whatever hunches come to mind
And if like me you wrote them down
Then you and me are of a kind

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