Saturday, 31 December 2016

Just Then

Sitting riverside in the Oxford sun
Letting it all flow by
Nothing said just a whispered wave
Sunlight warmed in a blue bright sky

Kissing breezes caress your curls
A teasing hint of smile
Absorbed in the summer atmosphere
Coasting gently for a while

Midnight Song

The wistful time approaches
As looking back concludes
Memories packed wrappings sacked
As new year hope intrudes

Linking arms in Auld-Lang-Syne
Hoping smiles will pull us through
A world rings out its midnight bells
Courage craving all things new

Friday, 30 December 2016

Probably (A Calculated Poem)

When thinking probabilities
It is wise to not forget
How prospects over egg a view
Of things not happened yet

Probabilities are likelihoods
Expressed as formulae prepared
Where alternative and variance
Account for random endings bared

Chattering Classes

Chuntering muttering
Gabbling off the cuff
Blathering beyond the pale
Overload of nattering stuff

Chattering and jabbering
Gibberish on tap
Random roads of rambling
Yapping on to fill each gap

Hot air room of prattling
Wittering chatty habit
Every waiting ear half listening
In a burrow load of rabbit

Partly inspired from reading 'Neither Nowt nor Summat'by Ian McMillan and dedicated to Dennis Skinner one of Britain's greatest politicians who got things done. 

Thursday, 29 December 2016


Retort for sport
Appalling cost
To blade invade
Your sharp riposte
Dismay you say
Your reason why
To spill and kill
Cruel evil eye
To stand on sand
Alone and lost
Desist to twist
One more riposte

Monday, 26 December 2016

Weather Warning

Angry weather declarations
Spreading major variations
Towers shake foundations quake
Pressure points on elevations

We sense the cost of inclinations
The favoured choice of exploitations
Human ash is driving so much cash
Corporate bane supplies vexations

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Midwinter Frost

Sparkle dancing on a crystal shard
Glittering movement in the light
Tiptoe spinning on a sunset flare
Nightfall leaping out of sight

Softly silent on a snowflake wing
Coasting wild on frozen air
As the moonlight rings a twilight bell
A million eyes gaze out and stare

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Random Rhymes

Do I need vibrations
Living in this street
Could be I need a light refrain
A mantra to repeat

I’m writing me a music note
To relax me and relieve
I’ve been feeling oh so crochety
I need to double up and breve
Thinking on this writing lark
How inspiration is the spark
No matter how much light I see
I feel tortured in the dark

In this room
I consider my presence
In this room
a cocoon of my me
A space for my trace
to inhabit a place
In these moments
of my certainty

On the cusp of massiveness
So many ideas in my head
Tonight I’ll write ‘til half past nine
Then ‘sod-it’ off to bed

Sitting edgy on a sombre tomb
Waiting in a catacomb
Wondering if there’s any room
For parlour games amid the gloom

Monday, 19 December 2016

Apricity Inclined

Waiting here in winter
Icy mornings diamond crisp
Feeling hibernation envy
Tied up dreaming in a wisp

Suddenly it dawns on me
How I am sensitive to touch
In this moment being all there is
These threads of quietness I clutch

Friday, 16 December 2016

What’s Going Down?

Out there with the where it is
On message up-to-date
Strutting stuff at cutting edge
In the heat where first is great

Chasing the latest neatest thing
Ahead of the folks who queue
Parading flair with debonair
Look at me the way I do

Storming the burning pyre of life
Fanning the blaze of fire
Playing the game of so much more
Driven crazy by desire

Based on Yesterdays Papers 
By Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

"Living a life of constant change
Every day means the turn of a page
Yesterdays papers are such bad news
Same thing applies to me and you"